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    "Your mat is exactly what I was looking for to use in my studio. I have to maintain a clean environment and the mat really does help keep my floor clear of dirt. I'm glad I found your product!" - Kira, Boston

    "I own a small electronics company and it's imperative that I keep the assembly room as clean as possible. Your mats play a role in the integrity of the clean room." - John, Boulder, CO

Cleanroom Jobs – Are They For You?

Cleanrooms are exactly what they sound like they would be and are designed to be an area or room that is totally free of all types of contamination including dust, particles, and bacteria. Those who work in cleanrooms have to be some of the most careful and precise individuals around as cleanrooms are made for precision work, such as small electronic work and biomedical work. In order for the work to go the way it is intended, the cleanroom has to have perfect conditions at all times, including those who work inside.

If you have been wondering if a cleanroom job the job for you, here are some things to look at before you say yes or no:

•    Are You Patient: Working in a cleanroom means having to do things at a much slower pace than normal. You have to be extremely careful that no dust or particles get kicked up while you are working and this may mean slowing down just a bit. In a cleanroom, being patient is a definite necessity.
•    Can You Work in Adverse Conditions: When you work in a cleanroom you have to put up with all sort of things that a typical job will not entail. For example, you will have to wear a special suit that is designed to keep contaminants out of the air. You will also likely have to wear cumbersome safely glasses and be required to stand the entire time you are working. Some cleanroom shift last up to 12 hours and the temperature and humidity may also be set to a specific level depending on what the cleanroom is designed for. All these conditions should be factored in if you are thinking about working in a cleanroom.
•    Are You Qualified: Different jobs inside a cleanroom will require you to perform different duties. However, some jobs may also require you to be qualified in a certain way. This will usually be in the way of education or special training, but you need to find out what the requirements are for any cleanroom job before you decide if it is right for you or not.
•    Are You Organized: If you are not an organized person, then a cleanroom job is not likely the job you will want to go after. To work successfully in a cleanroom you have to be extremely organized. So, if you are the type of person who drives others crazy with your organizational skills, then you will more than likely be able to really excel inside a cleanroom.

Just as with any other type of job in, a job in a cleanroom is not suitable for everyone. Only those who can show lots of patience, good organizations skills, and of course the right qualifications need apply. If you think you have what it takes to work in a cleanroom then you only need to apply yourself and get out there and start looking for the ideal cleanroom job that you feel will be right for you.