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    "Your mat is exactly what I was looking for to use in my studio. I have to maintain a clean environment and the mat really does help keep my floor clear of dirt. I'm glad I found your product!" - Kira, Boston

    "I own a small electronics company and it's imperative that I keep the assembly room as clean as possible. Your mats play a role in the integrity of the clean room." - John, Boulder, CO

How to Make Your Own Cleanroom

Maybe you can’t afford to buy a multi-million dollar cleanroom and have it at your immediate disposal, but you can effectively and rather easily make your own clean room. All you need is a spare bedroom, some supplies, and a little bit of labor.

Bad Air Out

The first step in creating your own cleanroom is getting all the bad air out of the room you will be converting. To start this process, you will want to take down the ceiling fan if there is one in the room. Ceiling fans are a magnet for dust and this will kill your cleanroom. Replace the fan with CFL lighting.

Next you will want to seal off the air conditioning vent to the room. This can be done by taking off the air vent and then affixing a piece of Plexiglas to the open space. Use weatherproofing to be sure all the air flow is sealed off.

Be sure that you search the entire room for any air that will come in. If you find leaks then you will need to seal them up. Weather stripping is a great alternative for this.

You will want to be sure that you do have one source of airflow that can enter the room, just in case you plan on spending many hours in your cleanroom. This air will of course be filtered using a HEPA filter later on.

Prep the Room

A good idea before you let the good air in the room is to next prep the soon to be cleanroom. This process can be started by removing all the carpet from the room and replacing it with commercial grade tile. This will help keep the room as contaminant free as possible and allow for easier movement by you while in the cleanroom.

You will next want to use think plastic sheeting and line all the walls with it. Closets can be a big producer of contaminants so be sure to take off the closet doors and adequately seal them off with the plastic sheeting.

You will also want to address the door. You can build a special frame that will house two larger air conditioning filters side by side or stacked that will replace your actual door to the room. Be sure this frame can be moved easily to allow you to enter and exit when you need to and be sure it gets properly sealed with each use.

Good Air In

The last step in your clean room conversion is getting good air in. This can be done by setting up a window-fan in the window to take out all the bad air while running a HEPA-Air Filter at the same time. Once you have done this for a good amount of time you are then ready to seal everything off and begin use of your makeshift cleanroom.

Keep in mind that your cleanroom may need to be at a certain temperature while in use. If so, you can use window air conditioning units or space heaters, but always make sure that anything you do use is properly filtered using a HEPA filter.

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