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    "Your mat is exactly what I was looking for to use in my studio. I have to maintain a clean environment and the mat really does help keep my floor clear of dirt. I'm glad I found your product!" - Kira, Boston

    "I own a small electronics company and it's imperative that I keep the assembly room as clean as possible. Your mats play a role in the integrity of the clean room." - John, Boulder, CO

Pet Door Sticky Mats

Pet door sticky mats are made up of layers of tear-off polyethylene film sheets that are specially formulated in such a way that dirt and debris are attracted to the mat while the adhesive does not transfer to shoe soles, cart wheels, or anything else – this means that sticky mats clean without leaving any kind of residue. All sticky mats are non-drying, non-allergenic and non-odorous; the surface of each sheet remains smooth throughout the entire time of use and is not damaged by pressure or scraping. The treated, pressure-sensitive adhesion on the top of each polyethylene film sheet removes all contamination and each sheet simply peels back to reveal a clean sheet underneath. This makes it simple to maintain a clean Sticky Mat at all times without worrying about the need for messy fluid cleaners or the time required to scrub down an entrance area. The Sticky Mat can be quite convenient in clean zones and highly sanitized areas.

Installation and Application of the Pet Door Sticky Mat

Although it is frequently used in the aerospace industry, the application and installation of the Sticky Mat is not rocket science. Each Sticky Mat comes with double sided adhesive film allowing for simple placement because the backing adheres directly to the floor. After installation, the clear protective film can be removed and the Sticky Mat is immediately ready for use. All Sticky Mats have a numbered system either on a corner pull tab or an uncoated edge to help you pull only one sheet at a time as well as keep track of how many sheets have been used.

Choosing the Right Pet Door Sticky Mat for Your Home

The most important factor when choosing a sticky mat is the size of the Sticky Mat; certainly this would depend mostly upon its planned location. There are several different sizes of Sticky Mats to be had.

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