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    "Your mat is exactly what I was looking for to use in my studio. I have to maintain a clean environment and the mat really does help keep my floor clear of dirt. I'm glad I found your product!" - Kira, Boston

    "I own a small electronics company and it's imperative that I keep the assembly room as clean as possible. Your mats play a role in the integrity of the clean room." - John, Boulder, CO

Reasons to get a Sticky Door Mat

Every house on your street probably has a door mat, but how many of those door mats are sticky door mats? Sticky door mats are exactly like regular door mats except that they are, well, sticky on the top. That’s right moms; never again will you have to yell, ‘Wipe your feet!’

Sticky mats come in different sizes and shapes and are great for a multitude of reasons, here are just a few:

•    Children: Kids will be kids. This means that they will come in from playing outside and have all sorts of dirt and grime all over the bottoms of their shoes. Nine out of ten kids will neglect to actually wipe their feet on the door mat and then that dirt and grime is all over your tile, or even worse, carpet floor. Then the kids usually take off their shoes and just let them plunk onto the ground so the rest of the dirt is then deposited onto the floor. Well say goodbye to that scenario as with sticky door mats the dirt and grime are automatically stuck onto the mat. As long as the child doesn’t leapfrog the sticky door mat you are good to go.

•    Pets: You love your pets, but you hate the muddy mess they seem to always track into the house. Try placing a sticky door mat by the back door and your four legged friends will have all that nasty mud and dirt taken off their paws leaving your house in a much nicer state of being.

•    Less cleaning: A lot of homes these days have all-tile flooring. If you have your kids and pets constantly tracking in dirt and mud, you are constantly sweeping and mopping, what a headache. Because sticky door mats will trap so much of the mess that is normally deposited on your floor, you will discover that you will have to clean far less then before, well at least the floors anyway.

•    Carpets stay fresher: Homes that do have wall to wall carpeting can look dingy and drab in a matter of months with all the foot traffic that goes on, especially if you have children and pets. Just as with the tile floors, because the sticky door mats trap most of the grime, that means less of it is deposited into the carpet. As a result, your carpets will stay fresher and look newer for a much longer period of time.

The days of the old ‘Welcome’ mat at the front door may be coming to an end. With the advent of the sticky door mat you will not only be able to keep your house cleaner, but you will be able to keep your wits about you as you are not subject to cleaning on a daily basis. Think of the sticky door mat as the all-new welcome mat, because to the one who cleans the house, there is no more of a welcome sight than that of all the dirt and grime trapped on the sticky door mat instead of on the floors.

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