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Cleanroom Sticky Mats

Multi-layered clean-film full adhesive layers form mats that effectively capture dirt and dust from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they enter controlled environments. Each of the numbered layers of the mat peels off easily to reveal a new clean surface. Sticky mats significantly reduce traffic-borne contaminants, removing up to 95% of particles at the .30 micron range. An acrylic adhesive is used which does not support microbial growth. Sticky mats are comprised of 30 disposable layers. Mats are available in a variety of sizes and come packaged 4 to a case.

Each Mat is 1/8″ thick and has 30 layers. When one layer is saturated with debris, simply peel it off and discard, leaving a fresh layer of protection. Reduce maintenance and cleaning costs by greatly decreasing the amount of dirt contamination.

The Sticky Mat Has Many Uses both in Industry and in the Home

Highly regarded in many different industries such as microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food processing and even in the home, the disposable Sticky Mat is the best, most reliable way to keep floors debris free. Sticky mats clean debris from not just shoe soles, but many other items, even office cart wheels and the bottoms of chair legs, right before entering a sanitary area. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes as well as two tackiness grades, the Sticky Mat offers the perfect alternative to a standard doormat or even the removal of shoes in keeping floors clean.

How Does the Sticky Mat work?

The Sticky Mat is made up of layers of tear-off polyethylene film sheets that are specially formulated in such a way that dirt and debris are attracted to the mat while the adhesive does not transfer to shoe soles, cart wheels, or anything else – this means that the Sticky Mat cleans without leaving any kind of residue. All Sticky Mats are non-drying, non-allergenic and non-odorous; the surface of each sheet remains smooth throughout the entire time of use and is not damaged by pressure or scraping. The treated, pressure-sensitive adhesion on the top of each polyethylene film sheet removes all contamination and each sheet simply peels back to reveal a clean sheet underneath. This makes it simple to maintain a clean Sticky Mat at all times without worrying about the need for messy fluid cleaners or the time required to scrub down an entrance area. The Sticky Mat can be quite convenient in clean zones and highly sanitized areas.

Installation and Application of the Sticky Mat

Although it is frequently used in the aerospace industry, the application and installation of the Sticky Mat is not rocket science. Each Sticky Mat comes with your choice of either a full sheet or two inch wide double sided adhesive film allowing for simple placement because the backing adheres directly to the floor. After installation, the clear protective film can be removed and the Sticky Mat is immediately ready for use. All Sticky Mats have a numbered system either on a corner pull tab or an uncoated edge to help you pull only one sheet at a time as well as keep track of how many sheets have been used.

Choosing the Right Sticky Mat for Your Industry or Home

The most important factor when choosing the right Sticky Mat is level of tackiness; this will depend upon what kinds of shoes, booties, and/or wheels will be using the Sticky Mat. All Sticky Mat retailers have charts and explanations that can help you to decide which level would be most appropriate. Another consideration is the size of the Sticky Mat; certainly this would depend mostly upon its planned location. There are generally eight different sizes of Sticky Mats to be had, but custom sizes are also available.

Sticky Mats for Clean Rooms

If you love your home but hate to clean then you should know about sticky mats. Unless you hire a commercial cleaning service, keeping your house clean can be a very tough chore. Between pets, kids, and everyone else that is constantly running in and out of your home before you know it your house is a disaster area. Really it isn’t anything that anyone is doing on purpose as dirt and other outside debris is tracked in on the feet of both pets and people and even if you have a door mat, how many people actually use it?

With sticky mats there is no having to remember to wipe your feet off because the mat does all the work for you. Sticky mats are just like a regular door mat except that they are sticky on the top. The end result is a lot more grime and dirt being caught on the sticky mats and a lot less getting tracked throughout your home.

Because sticky mats come in different sizes and shapes you can literally put them anywhere you want to help keep your home tidy. Here are some perfect places to put sticky mats:

•    Front Door: This is probably the most obvious choice as to where you will want to place a sticky mat as this is going to be the place that receives the most foot traffic. Placing a sticky mat both as your door mat and right inside the doorway of your home will help you keep your living room and other common area rooms dramatically cleaner.
•    Back Door: Instead of trying to catch your dog ever time they run in from outside so that you can wipe their paws, use a sticky mat at the back door. This will keep the grime and other nasty stuff that the doggies can track in unknowingly outside where it belongs.
•    Kitchen: Placing a sticky mat just inside the kitchen will help catch dirt on the way in and on the way out. This will keep any food that may be dropped on the kitchen floor in the kitchen and on the sticky mat instead of one your foot and then onto your carpet.
•    Individual rooms: If you have a multiple bedroom home then place a sticky mat on the inside of each room’s doorway. This will help trap most of what ends up on the floor of the individual rooms on the sticky mat and keep all the rooms cleaner as a result.

Why kill yourself sweeping and mopping on a daily basis if you don’t have to? Like having a maid service come in once a week, Sticky mats are a life saver and a floor and carpet saver as well. Because sticky mats will trap a big percentage of the dirt, grime, and gunk that usually makes its way into the various rooms of your home it will mean less cleaning for you. Just think, you may actually get to come home after a long day of work and simply relax; though if you have a family probably not too much, but at least you won’t have to do a whole bunch of cleaning.

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    "Your mat is exactly what I was looking for to use in my studio. I have to maintain a clean environment and the mat really does help keep my floor clear of dirt. I'm glad I found your product!" - Kira, Boston

    "I own a small electronics company and it's imperative that I keep the assembly room as clean as possible. Your mats play a role in the integrity of the clean room." - John, Boulder, CO